Official Visitor Guide

Grampians Tourism produces the Official Visitor Guide for the region and manages its strategic distribution.

The 2019 Grampians Visitor Guide will feature an improved layout, updated content and a fresh new look and feel, to best meet the needs
of our visitors. The Visitor Guide provides an introduction to the region and an overview of things to see and do. It connects them with our
unique offerings and provides the logistical information they need.

50,000 Official Visitors Guides will be promoted in key distribution points in across Victoria, SA and NSW.

2019 Grampians Visitor Guide – Prospectus

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1/8 Page PARTNER $340

1/8 Page NON-PARTNER $408

1/4 Page PARTNER $670

1/4 Page NON-PARTNER $804

1/2 Page PARTNER $1330

1/2 Page NON-PARTNER $1596

Full Page PARTNER $2650

Full Page NON-PARTNER $3180

Inside Front Cover PARTNER $3000

Inside Front Cover NON-PARTNER $3600

Inside Back Cover PARTNER $3000

Inside Back Cover NON-PARTNER $3600

Back Cover PARTNER $3250

Back Cover NON-PARTNER $3900