ATDW listings are an essential marketing tool for tourism businesses and events. Increasing your online exposure, boosting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your own website and driving traffic to your website…they are a no brainer!

A benefit of ATDW listings is they appear on many travel sites around Australia including, destination sites such as and Visit Victoria’s official consumer site www.visitvictoria.comThis means you only have to enter your business or event details once, and your listing is displayed on many of ATDW’s 200 tourism distributor webites.

To make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, the next time you renew or update your ATDW listing please review the ‘Type’ field. E.g. Accommodation Type, Event Type, Tour Type…

The ‘Type’ field is used by websites to sort and display listings, and if you have not selected the correct ‘Types’ you may not appear on the right pages on websites such as and

Please login to and check what ‘Types’ are selected on your ATDW listing – and make sure all relevant classifications are selected.

Below are some of the most common listing types and classifications in our region.


Accommodation establishments allowing short term stay. Property styles can range from apartments, backpacker and hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravan and camping, farm stays, holiday houses, motels, hotels and resorts.


  • Apartment
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Caravan, Camping and Holiday Parks
  • Cottages
  • Holiday Houses
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Retreat and Lodge


Attractions must be places/areas of interest that offer a distinct visitor experience to the leisure tourist


  • Natural Attractions
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Galleries, Museums and Collections
  • Historical Sites and Heritage Locations
  • Spas and Retreats
  • Landmarks and Buildings
  • National Parks and Reserves

Food & Drink

Establishments which are targeted at leisure visitors and/or offer a unique dining experience.


  • Bar Produce
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Cooking School, Lessons, Workshops
  • Wineries


Events must have a leisure tourism focus with the best potential to stimulate visitation.


  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks
  • Food and Wine Markets
  • Concert or Performance
  • Exhibitions and Shows


Eligible tour operators must offer regularly organised tours with a leisure-tourism focus, organised by experienced guides. These may include a personal host and/or commentary.


  • Adventure and outdoor tours
  • Walking and biking tours
  • Air, helicopter and balloon tours
  • Food and wine tours
  • Cruises, sailing and water tours
  • Sightseeing Tours

You can review the entire list and full description of classification here:

Currently, Visit Victoria and Grampians Tourism are providing free ATDW Listings to tourism businesses. For all the details click here