Find out all the latest research, facts & figures on the Grampians tourism industry.

These documents have information on Grampians region visitor numbers, including where they come from and how much they spend.

Tourism Victoria’s research unit analyses information to monitor and evaluate Victoria’s tourism performance including domestic and international visitor numbers, visitor expenditure and tourism accommodation.

The team undertakes also undertakes a variety of qualitative and quantitative research to better understand key market and product segments and evaluate the performance of campaigns and other initiatives.

A summary of the latest tourism data for Victoria, including information on domestic and international visitor numbers, visitor expenditure, and visitor profiles such as origin, purpose of visit, visitor activities, travel party and accommodation used, is available here:

Quarterly Marketing Report

Indian Market Fact Sheet

Arrivals for the year ended December 2018 stood at 357,700 – a growth of 18% over the previous year. India once again earned the distinction of being the fastest growing inbound market for Australia.

Grampians New Resident and Workforce Attraction Project