Social Media

Grampians Tourism is a big advocate of using social media as a tool to communicate and engage with visitors and our stakeholders to further increase awareness and promotion of the Grampians region.

We have official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In the unfortunate case of an emergency such as bushfires or floods, we use our social media platforms to communicate with people and share the latest information available. We will also share information and link maps and updates when possible from our stakeholders.

We monitor social media sites and social networks to allow us to keep up to date with the best way to promote and market the Grampians Region.

We have policies that govern the way we use social media. Please ensure you use social media responsibly.

We would like to encourage the use of social media as part of the marketing of your business.  We would also encourage you to share and embed resources we provide into your own social media marketing and website.


Visit Grampians official Facebook account:
Facebook also has a range of Social Plugins that your website developer can integrate into your website.


Visit Grampians official Instagram account:
Follow us @thegrampians
We encourage you to use the hashtag #thegrampiansway


Visit Grampians official Youtube channel:
You have the ability to embed all of the video’s found on our Youtube channel onto your website.
For instructions on embedding, please provide this link to your website developer: