The 2019-20 Preferred Partner Program provides businesses in the region cost effective and well managed opportunities to grow their business.

The annual campaign is designed to provide all businesses with an opportunity to invest in our ‘Preferred Partner Program’. By participating, you’re not only strengthening your own business but making a positive investment in the future of the industry and our region.

Creating opportunities via our paid ‘Preferred Partnership Program’ is a vital part of our structure. The funds from these partnerships go directly towards marketing activities that further develop and promote our region and your business.

Benefits Include

  • Presence in an annual marketing campaign.
  • Strong digital presence through
  • Potential exposure through our public relations campaign, media visits, editorial features, online articles and social media mentions.
  • Connections to peak bodies such as Tourism Australia, Visit Victoria and VTIC.
  • Access to our Visitor Information Centre network.
  • Access to our professional development programs.
  • GT communications that will keep you up to date with the latest news and opportunities.

$110 per month / $1,320 per annum

$247 per month / $2,970 per annum

$495 per month or $5,940 per annum

$1100 per month or $13,200 per annum

$350 per annum

$150 per annum

$500 per annum

$99 per annum

$295 per annum