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With an increasing number of consumers searching for information and booking holidays online, an effective digital marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of any tourism business.

Digital marketing activities include developing and maintaining a website, e-marketing initiatives, social media and online bookings and distribution.


The Tourism e-kit is a great tool for any tourism businesses exploring different digital marketing options.  Comprising of a series of free tutorials, the kit covers all aspects of on-line marketing from basics such as creating an user-friendly website to tracking and reporting online traffic, marketing by email,  conducting a Google Adwords campaign and developing an online presence in the Chinese market. Find out more


Victoria tourism business operators are encouraged to list their business on Victoria’s official consumer website visitvictoria.com. The website received over 7 million visits and 30.8 million page views from consumers over the last 12 months. (Source: Google Analytics).

A big benefit of visitvictoria.com listings is they are distributed to approximately 50 other websites including about-australia.com and pleasetakemeto.com/australia via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse  (ATDW). This is a free service and means you only have to enter your business details once. More 

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