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Grampians Tourism Inc. has developed a three year strategic plan to further build on opportunities to develop tourism in the region in collaboration with industry partners. It reflects the board’s intent to place the consumer (their behaviours and preferences) at the centre of every decision that is made to progress tourism. The plan will be used to guide the actions of Grampians Tourism, the tourism industry and other key stakeholders to help grow the region’s tourism industry.

Grampians Peaks Trail

The Grampians Peaks Trail will be a world class, long distance walking experience, showcasing the beauty and majesty of the Grampian’s natural and cultural landscapes.  Grampians Tourism has been a key player with local and state government agencies to successfully fund this project.

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Grampians Destination Plan

Our plan outlines projects and priorities that grow the tourism potential of the Grampians Region as a whole, rather than just redistribute existing demand in the region.

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Grampians Online

Grampians Tourism are embarking on a complete re-think as to how we, as a region, are positioned in the online and social world.  Grampians Online – our digital future will position the Grampians region at the forefront of the global marketplace and as a result, increase conversion and dispersal.

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Grampians Way

The Grampians Way is a proposed ring road approximately 285km in length circling the Grampians National Park using the existing road network and has been identified as a means of increasing tourism to the region.

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